Smart jewellery manufacturer Totwoo showcases its latest wearable technology collections in Beijing last July. The jewellery pieces also function as a pedometer, calorie calculator or UV monitor, according to a report.

Totwoo also launched a store at online marketplace, a report from China Daily said. Totwoo was founded by Chinese entrepreneur Wang Jieming and Italian designer Marco Dal Maso. The brand debuted in Milan, Italy in 2015.

Totwoo jewellery products have various features including a pedometer, calorie intake tracking, sedentary reminder and UV monitoring. It can also communicate with other people wearing the device by tapping or shaking the jewellery.

The report quoted Jing Jing, a jewellery expert and editor of Harper’s Bazaar Jewelry in China, as saying: “Chinese consumers have started to change their mindset. From buying jewellery as hedging tools, they are now buying them as fashionable decorations. Smart jewellery with rich aesthetic values and high-tech functions could become a brand new category.”

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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