The first gold jewellery industrial park in Shanxi Province, China, was recently established in the Yuci District of Jinzhong City to cater to the province’s booming jewellery market, according to a report.

The Shanxi Hongyi Jewellery and Culture Industrial Park, launched on May 26, integrates product development, manufacturing, wholesaling, trading and exhibition of gold jewellery as well as tourism, reported.

Shanxi accounts for a significant portion of the country’s overall jewellery consumption, the report said. The newly established industrial park is expected to achieve an annual output of 10 tonnes of gold, 3 tonnes of silver and RMB50 million (about US$7.59 million) worth of handicrafts. It is also seen to generate an annual sales income of RMB2.1 billion (about US$318 million), the report added.

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