Mayanti Langer

On Sunday, team India and Pakistan locked horns for a cricket match which most of us tuned into. While India’s win lit up Twitter, TV anchor Mayanti Langer Binny’s in-studio bits and her sartorial choices revealed the ugly side of social media, with many trolling Mayanti’s choice of outfit.

While trolling is not welcome in any form, is it even fair to focus on both — the sport, and the on-screen style? Designer Rina Dhaka believes that it’s all a part of showbiz. “To see and to be seen is the focal point in these setups. At the end of the day, such TV shows are a mix of sports, entertainment and business. The anchors have stylists in place,” says Dhaka. “Maybe, for the die-hard fan, what an anchor wears would be frivolous, and it’s true that fashion is not as important as the match or the team’s win. But, at the same time, for many others, the glamour and style factor is important,” she adds.

Designer Nachiket Barve says balance is needed: “From TV to Instagram, we live in a visual space today. So, on a public medium, one is expected to turn up stylishly. And, the focus should be on looking chic and not OTT or over-styled,” he says.

However, for designer Rahul Mishra, it’s a personal choice. “If there’s a dress code, it should be followed. But, these days, we (on social media) end up commenting on everything, we are all critics and we try to dictate — something that happened to Priyanka Chopra too. As far as what one wears on-screen is not outwardly offensive, it should be a personal choice.”




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