Wondering about whether to wear gold jewellery or silver jewellery based on your skin or eye colouring (or to give as a gift to someone)? Have you heard about ‘rules’ to follow when choosing jewellery colours but you’re not sure how to use them? What do you think about wearing different coloured metals together? Gold Read More →

We’re entering a golden era of ethnic diversity in fashion and beauty. Rihanna’s Fenty line is going to cater for women of all colours. Kahmune’s brought out a range of nude shoes for every skin tone.   Both industries are slowly waking up to the fact that non-white women do occasionally wear makeup and want to Read More →

Your perfume should not be polarizing to your personality, place or occasion. Looking to buy a perfume to wear to work? Experts like Delhi-based Rohit Kumar Agrawal and Mumbai-based Manan Gandhi have a few rules to set the ball rolling. Agrawal is the co-founder of Perfume Booth, a brand that retails seven miniature versions of Read More →

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