Image result for PUBG Mobile: 5 Unorthodox Accessories and Collectibles for Every PUBG FanPUBG Mobile has possibly been the most popular video game of all time. Naturally, the game has spawned a whole arsenal of accessories and collectibles, to satiate the massive fan following that it has across the world. These products range from tools that would help gamers fight better with their phones, or simply interesting collectibles that you can collect, once you feel that you have, indeed, collected enough chicken dinners for a lifetime. Some of these are quite quirky, and picked our brains in terms of what more could we do with the virally popular Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, once we have exhausted every single corner of the battle maps.

Controller-cooling pad-power bank

In case you still haven’t had enough PUBG in your life, chances are that you still are a very regular player of the game. The SEC Mobile Controller, on sale on Amazon India, is the ultimate all-in-one accessory for all your PUBG gaming needs. It combines the utility of a hand grip, a dedicated controller, a device cooling setup and a power supply, within one contraption. The benefits? Play on for hours without fatigue, with better control triggers and ergonomics. With prolonged gaming sessions often leading to device overheating, you can use the central cooling fan to ensure no device throttling ends up occurring. Finally, the integrated power bank means you can simply use the same rig to keep charging your phone and continue playing.

Chicken Dinner coffee mug

With late night gaming sessions becoming regular, every gamer needs a coffee mug, and what better than a mug that flaunts your favourite game? This ‘Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner’ mug caught our eyes because of its austere simplicity, with a dash of funky colours thrown in — in short, everything that PUBG Mobile really stands for. The best part? It makes for a pretty nice gift, too.

Taslar Metal keychain set
The Spetsnaz helmet, a 98K gun with scope, a Level 3 backpack, an Armor and the infamous frying pan — no PUBG player will ever refuse it if you hand them a combination of these assorted items. With this keychain set, own a piece of the game for yourself, with these highly realistic miniature replicas of the five aforementioned items. Each of the items are nicely sculpted, and look quite intricate. With these in hand, you can convert your staid, demure backpack into a PUBG-themed favourite among your clan.

Leoie Spetsnaz helmet real-size replica
It may not really be the most comfortable accessory of all time, but there’s no denying that the iconic Spetsnaz helmet is a profound crowd favourite. The replica, made by Leoie and up for sale on Amazon, is a very convincing one, even with minor metal blemishes and an overall worn-out finish that make it look battle-hardened. If you have a cosplay clan, or simply a social group where you regularly choose themes to make parties more interesting, count on your Spetsnaz and pair it with a simple pair of denim trousers and white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, to recreate the famous look. When not at it, simply put it up on your desk, and spell out your choice with pride.

Yuva PUBG socks
Possibly the quirkiest of the bunch, PUBG socks are still a rarity, in a way that you will certainly be asked about it, wherever you go. Sold in sets of white-grey-black with the PUBG icon motif stitched in, you can even mismatch a pair’s colours to go for an even quirkier appeal. It may not be the most common choice, but wise men of yore have often looked up to socks as one of the most polarising apparels that one can own.


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