Collaborations in the worlds of fashion and beauty are now commonplace, with eager marketers dreaming up every partnership imaginable. Celebrities are working with makeup brands, makeup brands are teaming up with luxury brands, and luxury brands are coming together with high street labels faster than the best of us can catch up.

Going one step further, collaborations between fragrance houses and cocktail bars to produce perfume cocktails is a trend that is picking up. Given the strong link between the senses of smell and taste, the combination of perfumes and cocktails is one that works, even if the idea may sound surprising. What’s more, similar to perfumes, which are made up of head notes, heart notes, and base notes, cocktails are also made up of different parts – typically a base, a modifying agent, and special flavouring or colouring agents. As a result, mixologists can translate a perfume’s key notes by selecting the appropriate ingredients.

While the idea is still novel, with not many of such partnerships having taken place, we’ve rounded up the bars that are taking the lead in the creation of perfume cocktails. From exclusive, limited-edition launches, to the first bar in the world dedicated to combining the art of cocktails with the world of perfume and aromas, click through the gallery above and get yourself acquainted with some of the most inventive collaborations that are redefining the drinking experience.


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