The World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDM) is hoping to drum up stronger interest in diamond jewellery with the launch of a new global diamond promotional campaign.

The campaign, released under the slogan “Part of You™,” includes a new B2C website,, and corresponding social media channels. It is aimed at fostering strong consumer demand by engaging buyers through stories behind the diamonds. The campaign will also direct consumers to retailers who are part of the WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer programme.

“This is an important milestone for the international diamond trade,” said Krisztina Kalman-Schueler, WDM programme director. “The launch of the website and with it, the Part of You™ campaign, is the first highly visible step the diamond industry is taking with diamond promotion in the public realm. It has set the tone for the mid-stream industry’s active involvement in promoting and marketing diamonds to the end-consumer.”

Kalman-Schueler said the campaign is focused on creating stronger consumer desire for diamonds, directing consumers to WDM-accredited stores, and providing tools to these stores to sell more diamonds.

Alex Popov, chairman of WDM, commented, “The launch of the campaign is proof that the diamond industry, led by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, and represented by WDM, is claiming its role in promoting diamonds to the consumer. The launch of this project is the culmination of the efforts of closely knit team of professionals who have worked long and hard to reach this milestone.”

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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