New Delhi, June 26 (IANS) Indulge in stylish raincoats, jelly-based footwear and waterproof phone covers to keep up your style quotient during the monsoon season, say experts.

Harleen Kaur Jawanda, Chief Merchandising Officer at Trendybharat, an online shopping website, and Meha Bhargava, image consultant at Styl.Inc, have suggested a few accessories:

* Raincoats: These days raincoats are available in gorgeous patterns, colours and materials. There is no dearth of stylish and trendy rainwear online, where you may choose from balloon raincoats, rain ponchos, transparent raincoats in a variety of bright and neon shades.

* Shoes: Unpredictable puddles, muddy streets and the waterlogged streets are not ideal for stylish stilettos or kitten heals. So, it is important to choose your footwear well. Jelly flats, funky flip flops or bright and shiny gumboots can be your best friends.

* Bags: Monsoon is not the best time to flaunt your expensive leather and PU bags as the rain might damage them. Go for nylon or plastic tote bags which can keep all your possessions dry and safe when it pours. Transparent handbags can up your style quotient while keeping all your things dry and safe.

* Umbrellas: The world of umbrellas is not so starkly black anymore with a great range of colourful umbrellas in beautiful designs. The foldable umbrellas are compact and are easy to carry around.

* Waterproof phone covers: Mobile phones being an integral part of everyone’s life, protect them from the rain with waterproof phone covers.

* Scarves: Scarves can be the biggest saviours and they are less cumbersome when compared to dupattas. Beautiful prints in myriad colours are available in scarves and are available in different fabrics like cotton, mulmul and chiffon.



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