International diamond brand Samer Halimeh New York has partnered with SSH Maritime, a leading yacht company, to launch its series of summer diamond boutiques on the superyachts.

The jewellery-superyacht collaborations is being undertaken on four of the SSH Maritime super yachts – Chakra, Serenity, Grand Ocean and Omega.

Millionaire and billionaire clients typically charter one of these beautiful superyachts for 2-6 weeks over the summer, at an average cost of £400,000 per week.

To announce the launch of the summer superyacht boutiques, Samer Halimeh New York held a special diamond photoshoot and showcase of some of its best diamond jewellery pieces and important gemstones aboard the world-famous Chakra, a 282 ft/86m superyacht, moored in Cannes for the occasion.

Following the announcement of the boutique series, Samer Halimeh founder and chief executive of Samer Halimeh New York, said: “Samer Halimeh New York is delighted to announce the launch of the summer superyacht diamond boutiques on board the Chakra, the exclusive SSH Maritime superyacht. Owners of the world’s most beautiful diamonds also use superyachts, private jets and 5-star hotels, which is why this collaboration with SSH Maritime is highly complimentary for both brands and clients.”

Samer Halimeh NY has previously built 400 sqft (39sqm) pop-up shops in hotels, but this is the first time the retailer has introduced a retailing concept in a nautical setting creating a diamond showcase on superyachts.


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