Mikimoto recently launched a new digital campaign to highlight the modern woman’s perception of pearls through highly stylised films. The “Explore the Original” campaign was launched in the US on November 1.

The campaign was unveiled in partnership with Mikimoto’s Digital Agency of Record (AOR), Rokkan.

“The Mikimoto pearl necklace has become an iconic symbol of luxury around the world,” noted Yugo Tsukikawa, senior vice president for Marketing and Brand Strategy at Mikimoto (America). “We wanted this campaign to pay tribute to what Mikimoto’s pearls have always meant to our consumer, while also exploring what Mikimoto can evolve to mean in her life.”

The campaign is comprised of four films, all produced by Rokkan, including three 15-second films set in New York, Paris and Tokyo, and one long-form film that ties all three locations together. Through these films, viewers learn that the “Mikimoto woman” is surprisingly different from who we expect a pearl wearer to be – there’s no cashmere twinset in sight. She doesn’t conform to expectations by wearing her pearls in the traditional way.

These films will be shared via paid social placements on Instagram and Facebook, with the Rokkan media team also handling the paid placements on behalf of Mikimoto. As Mikimoto’s Digital AOR, Rokkan has also been essential to reimagining the Mikimoto websites, and will be showcasing the “Explore the Original” messaging via the brand’s homepage to raise further campaign awareness and encourage visitors to shop the collections.

Laura Mulloy, senior vice president and executive creative director at Rokkan, commented, “It’s incredible that Mikimoto has been gracious enough to give us the keys to drive the brand forward. With our ‘Explore the Original’ films, we’ve been able to illustrate who the modern ‘Mikimoto woman’ is in a powerful way.”

With 123 years of history, the Mikimoto name has become synonymous with cultured pearls and is a symbol of Japanese culture throughout the world. Mikimoto was one of the first Japanese brands to expand into international markets, with boutiques now open across the US, UK, France, Singapore, and China, among many other countries.

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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