Wedding wear for Mens Haldi Function 2022 – G3+ Fashion

Gone are the days when it was only women who had a vast range of choices associated with dresses when it came to weddings. With the rising trends, even men today have an array of options to opt from. Whether it is the big day, engagement day, or one for haldi ceremony, grooms can seriously compete with brides. However, it may be overly confusing and overwhelming to opt for the outfit for a Haldi ceremony, majorly because of the colour restriction. Therefore, we are here to help you out. In this article, we will be discussing a variety of haldi dress for men that will make you stand out as a groom. So, let’s dive in!

#1: Yellow Sherwani with Golden Embroidery

Sherwanis are the perfect outfit for men when it comes to the season of weddings. This is true for haldi dress for men as well. If you are wondering what kind of sherwani you can wear, we would recommend pairing a yellow coloured sherwani with golden dhoti or pajama. Look for a sherwani that has a gold embroidery or borders in order to add grace to your outfit.

#2: Styling Dhoti With Kurta

You can opt for yellow kurta and a pair of dhoti that complements it. While the kurta can be found in a variety of designs and shades, the dhoti must be of a colour that adds contrast to the outfit. For instance, you can pair chrome yellow kurta with golden dhoti. Try choosing shades from the same colour palette.

#3: Style a Nehru Jacket

Nehru jackets can never go out of fashion, which is why they are one of the best outfit ideas when it comes to haldi dress for men. You can style a white or off-white coloured kurta with yellow pants and a yellow Nehru jacket. If you do not wish to wear pants, you may even consider wearing a yellow-coloured dhoti.

#4: Wear a Pathani Suit

Pathani suits make men look taller and are graceful as well. So, when choosing a haldi dress for men, especially for the groom, you must definitely consider wearing a pathani suit. This is not only comfortable to wear but is also something that all men would get compliments in.

#5: Go Monochrome!

Haldi dress for men means that yellow colour is a must. So, why not think about going monochrome with yellow? Pairing a yellow-coloured kurta with a dhoti or pajama of a shade that is from the same colour palette would mean that it would make you look taller as well. In fact, it will also give a warm and welcoming vibe since yellow is a bright and happy colour.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right outfit for the Haldi ceremony can be difficult because of the colour restriction. However, you can play with different colour combinations and textures to make the outfit suit you well. On the brighter side, there are a plethora of choices for both kurta and bottoms.

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