When Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West released the children’s clothing line Kids Supply earlier this year, we knew it would be awesome, but we had no idea that actual kids would be involved in the design work.

But with North West modeling the clothes, it isn’t too surprising that other children are involved behind the scenes. A 10-year-old artist named Harlow Cockrell collaborated with the Wests on the latest Kids Supply merchandise, and it seems we aren’t the only ones taking notice of his talent.

“So many people have been asking about Harlow, the 10-year-old artist behind the custom illustrations from our latest Kids Supply drop. I wanted to let you guys learn more about him—he is an amazing artist!” Kardashian wrote on her app in a post on Wednesday.

“Harlow Cockrell is the son of one the people that works with Kanye at Yeezy. Originally, Kanye saw a photo of a shirt Harlow had customized and he asked him to bring it into the Yeezy office.”

After Cockrell brought in his designs, Kardashian could tell immediately that he was super talented.

“Harlow loves to draw! He was showing us all of his sketches and we loved them, so we wanted to incorporate them into our collection,” she wrote. “He even made North a customized denim jacket for Christmas and he gave Saint a pair of Yeezys with his name drawn on them. So cute!”


Kardashian added that Cockrell lives in Malibu and also loves to surf and skatebo


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