Indian jewellery manufacturer Moksh is looking to expand its global footprint by tapping high-end retailers seeking fresh concepts to captivate an increasingly discerning market.

Established in 2005, the company has carved a niche for itself in the fine jewellery world with its handmade, bejewelled creations that meld traditional Indian design motifs and techniques with contemporary styles. Its popular Taantvi Collection crafts jewellery pieces using a delicate and intricate technique of weaving small Japanese keshi pearls to produce a mesh-like effect. Also turning heads is its Symphony line of contemporary sautoirs with various styles, from knots and tassels to asymmetrical and multiple-string designs.

In an interview with JNA during the recent Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, Moksh CEO Milan Chokshi discussed the company’s unique proposition and its growth trajectory.

JNA: What makes Moksh special?

Milan Chokshi: We specialise in beautiful, wearable jewellery pieces that have a lot of finesse and detail. Our creations feature different cuts of diamonds, a wide range of coloured gemstones and various kinds of pearls. Since we are based in India, we have access to the finest raw materials that allow us to deliver unique combinations at very low costs. It takes at least two to three months to create a Moksh jewellery piece due to the intricacy of our designs and the high level of craftsmanship required. Most of the time, when a woman wears our jewellery, it gets noticed. That’s a great compliment to the wearer and to us. If someone asks a lady about something she is wearing, it ensures that she will return to the retailer that sold her that exceptional piece.

JNA: What are your expectations for this year?

Chokshi: We aim to do as well as we did in 2016. Right now, it is really about retailers who are able to find a new category or drive customers to their current stores. To expect exponential growth in these times is not realistic. Our growth has always been gradual and consistent over the years. There has been no meteoric rise or a dramatic fall in our business so far, but market acceptance has been encouraging.

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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