It’s an age-old question, ‘what am I going to wear today?’ We’ve all stood in front of our often overcrowded closets and proclaimed that we have absolutely nothing to wear. While clearly not a true statement, as evidenced by the fact that so few of us leave the house in our birthday suits, I think Read More →

Citrus make-up is not only popular with young girls but also with women of all age groups. It’s all about wearing bright colours and light textures — according to your skin tone and age. Citrus does not only refer to bright orange, but those like fresh tangerine, greens in refreshing limes and yellows of mangoes. Read More →

Indian jewellery manufacturer Moksh is looking to expand its global footprint by tapping high-end retailers seeking fresh concepts to captivate an increasingly discerning market. Established in 2005, the company has carved a niche for itself in the fine jewellery world with its handmade, bejewelled creations that meld traditional Indian design motifs and techniques with contemporary Read More →

Nisan Ong of Thailand-based Ong Jewelry Design is aiming to make a difference in the field of fine jewellery design with his non-conformist ideas and avant-garde take on jewellery manufacturing. An ardent art collector, Ong describes his jewellery collections as unconventional and one of a kind, with a strong allusion to nature and tradition. In Read More →

The 58th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair (BGJF) marks a new chapter in the show’s history by featuring fresh initiatives, stronger visitor promotion efforts and a larger international component, according to show organiser, the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, Thailand. At a June 28 presentation to members of the Hong Kong Read More →