A Fidget Spinner Lip Gloss Now Exists

It’s official: We’ve reached peak fidget spinner. If you currently have one going on one of your index fingers and don’t believe us, we present to you: Glamspin.

Buzzfeed understands the struggle of those times when you have to stop your fidget spinner to reapply your lip gloss—who doesn’t, right? So, the site has created a glammed-out version of the spinners in collaboration with Taste Beauty, a brand known for its kitchsy beauty products. The spinner comes with three flavored lip glosses housed inside it, including: Peach Whirl, Grape Twist, and Strawberry Cyclone. It won’t be available until July, but you can pre-order one now for $10 at glamspin.com, if that’s your thing.

That being said, considering lip balm addiction is real, the toy is kind of genius for those of us who compulsively reapply lip balm and gloss throughout the day.

Despite the toy’s short lifespan, this isn’t the first time fidget spinners have crossed over from your fingertips into the beauty world. Earlier this spring, a blogger incorporated the toy into their manicure. In a year where it seems like anything is possible and how fast these toys that were made to help kids with ADHD have gone viral, we’re expecting Glamspin won’t be the last fidget spinner hybrid product we see.

Whether or not Glamspin is real or Buzzfeed is just trolling us all is to be determined. Until then, just keep spinning.

[Source:- instyle]

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