This CC Crème Just Flew off Sephora Shelves 

Checking up on your Sephora waitlists? We have another product for you to add to your collection of palettes and highlighters galore, and this time it falls into the K-Beauty sphere.

Erborian CC Crème ($44; officially launched at the beauty mega-store about a year ago, but recently all the products flew off the online shelves. For those of you curious (and not minding to your bank account), it’s an incredibility light and soothing tinted moisturizer of sorts that color corrects and is made with a blurring component. So if natural beauty or glow skin is your jam, you might want to consider it when it restocks.

A hit with beauty influencers and gurus, it moisturizes, evens out skin tone subtly, and helps minimize the appearance of perceived imperfections.

The tube in “Regular,” though, is a “one shade fits most” formula, and with the exception of extremely fair skin tones, the encapsulated pigments will burst and seamlessly fuse into your skin as you continue to rub it in with your fingers. First, it will apply white but shifts in tone and completely blends once you begin to rub it in. There is, however, a shade available for those with very fair skin tones—Clair—and you can still get it at Sephora.

It’s also made with SPF 25, so you’re actually getting protection from further dark spots or sun damage you might be trying to cover up in the first place. So far, it has over 3,000 hearts on, and we can only expect that to keep growing after the refill.

[Source:- instyle]

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