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Textured jewellery — embossed or engraved — can be paired well with summer and winter outfits. The play of textures adds distinctive dimensions to jewellery that can transform your outfit with just one single piece, say experts.

Sreenivas Reddy, Principal Designer at, and Pallavi Foley, a designer and jewellery expert, share some points to keep in mind while buying textured jewellery.

Types of textures: Patterns for texture on jewellery depends on the creativity of the designer. Textured jewellery can be both visually appealing and physically stimulating.

There are several types of methods to add texture to jewellery pieces, such as the embossing and engraving methods, hammering, the sandpaper effect, all these add the extra something to jewellery pieces, making them stand out. Hammered jewellery is a beautiful piece of art which reminiscent of the surface of antique metal objects. It has both, a traditional as well as modern approach to jewellery making.

The care for textured jewellery: Clean your textured jewellery regularly as it is prone to accumulating dust in the groves and delicate patterns. Caring for your jewellery does not always entail cleaning, but involves checking the pieces regularly to ensure their condition and maintenance. It would be suitable to use the original cases in which the jewellery was bought to maintain its novelty by protecting it from chemical reactions in its environment, which can tarnish the texture.

Patterns: Make sure your outfit and jewellery do not conflict with each other, especially when donning textured jewellery. Try wearing solid ensembles to ensure the jewellery and attire chosen go well with each other. Also, mix different types of textured jewellery and complete your look with a simple hammered ring and a filigree bracelet.

Stand out in style: Create a fashion statement with alternative textures by wearing an interesting blend that is fabulous in fashion and sleek in style. Textured jewellery and modern saris are definitely a concoction with a twist, combine them and stay chic. Your office wear with textured earrings undoubtedly allow you to stay bold and stylish with a unique look.

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