It’s about time you upgraded your knowledge of what is going around in the fashion world. It would help next time when you’re out shopping, so there’s no need to hunt down a celebrity’s Instagram picture from weeks ago to explain to the shopkeeper what exactly you’re looking for.

Here’s a list of 10 terms all fashionistas need to know in 2017:

1.Choker top – Combining our favorite accessory with our top has got to be one of the best trends of 2017! As the name suggests, a choker top is a normal top with a choker attached to it for the nights when we just don’t have time to accessorize.

2.Naked dress – a huge hit in the Kardashian family, a naked dress is a sheer dress, completely see through, allowing one to reveal maximum skin while covering up all the important bits, and is often styled with embroidery or studs.

3.Slides – Thanks to Gucci’s loafers and the Rihanna Fenty X Puma Furry sandals, these new slip-ons have become the latest craze. Slides are comfortable, soft, simple slip-ons that add a relaxed vibe to your look. Celebrities from Kloe Kadarshian to Vanessa Hudgens have been spotted ditching their long heels for some comfortable and chill slides.

4.Mules – There are plenty of footwear trends coming up in 2017, but mules are the ones most regularly spotted in the celebrity world. Open at the back, mules comes in all shapes and types and are an instant attention grabber.

5.Mom jeans – After skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans, its time for mom jeans now. Fitted on the waist, lose from thigh downwards, mom jeans are frayed, mid weight and 100% cotton denim. From moms like January Jones and Miranda Kerr to child free supermodels like Bella Hadid and Sofia Richie, mom jeans have been sported by all.

A young teen hipster girl wearing mom jeans. (Shutterstock)

6.Ear jacket – Ear jackets are an added ornament to the normal earrings. It’s placed between the earring and the post, and is shaped to follow the curve of your ear. After ear cuffs and overwhelmingly large loops, its time to up our accessory game with this cool addition.

7.Shackett – Lightweight and well fitted, yet warm and comfortable, A shackett is the new modern day jacket. It’s especially useful on days when nature can’t decide what to throw at us! It is the perfect outerwear for the modern guy who’s always on the go.

8.Bants – Leather pants and leather boots have given more than just a few girls their glamorous super model moment the past few years, and now its time to take it to another level by combining the two. Bants are pants and boots attached into one glamorous piece of clothing, and have been a part of runway outfits by Tamara Mellon, Edun and Versace to name just a few.

9.Duster – Another trend which has caught the fancy of the fashion world is the floor length duster coat. The long loose fitting coats are great for rain and dusty winds, and the bulky silhouette is perfect to keep you warm and stylish all winter!

A man wearing a duster and holding on to his western hat. (Shutterstock)

10.Puffer – The old school puffer jacket consists of a nylon shell with quilted sections ‘puffed’ with lightweight insulating material to keep you warm and cuddly. The trend became a staple at the Paris Fashion Week owing to the number and range of labels that came up with a huge variety of puffers in all types and colours.


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