Hong Kong-based jewellery retailer Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd recently showcased three sets of exclusive auction pieces from its high jewellery collection, Le Labyrinthe Artistique, in Las Vegas. This was the collection’s first preview in the US.

Le Labyrinthe Artistique, Chow Tai Fook’s first collection inspired by fine arts, consists of 15 sets of jewellery that celebrate the masters of abstract art.

Highlights of the collection include “Les Blocs de Fantaisie,” an 18-karat gold jewellery set inspired by the artworks of Piet Mondrian. The pieces, which feature linear designs with sharp and rectangular lines, are adorned with rubies, sapphires, diamonds and chalcedony.

The “Le Glissement du Flamant Rose,” meanwhile, brings to life Alexander Calder’s artistry with three-dimensional designs. Inspired by the floating “wings” of Calder’s masterpieces, this series soars to new heights with the iconic visage of the flamingo, the signature motif in Chow Tai Fook’s high jewellery collections. The flamingo’s flamboyance is portrayed through a vibrant contrast between delicate colour change sapphires in cushion and oval cuts, complemented by blue and fancy sapphires, rubies, black spinels and white diamonds set in 18-karat white gold.

Another star of the collection is “Les Gouttes de Charisme,” an 18-karat white gold jewellery set that pays homage to Josef Albers. Referencing Albers’ interwoven aesthetics, this series projects a multi-dimensional effect through extensive layering, with a focus on a 5.3-carat princess-cut diamond surrounded by diamonds in various cuts.

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