K-gold jewellery is coming into its own as market demands become more diversified and Chinese consumers increasingly purchase jewellery for personal use than for investment.

This product category, however, still faces major challenges in spite of its growing market share, expansive product range and stronger demand from overseas for K-gold jewellery products.

In interviews with JNA, leading jewellery manufacturers share their views on how to improve craftsmanship and design to counter the proliferation of similar products and copied designs, and discuss their strategies to develop the market, target niche segments and improve operations.

Innovative marketing

Last year, Shenzhen Ganlu Jewellery Co Ltd launched a nationwide campaign to promote K-gold, said Daisy Zheng, vice director of the company. “The development of the K-gold market is uneven. The campaign helped the market become more mature, and we will continue with this initiative this year,” Zheng said.

China’s K-gold market suffers from the proliferation of similar product ranges and the lack of distinctive designs and fine craftsmanship, she noted. Since the sector targets younger consumers who often prefer K-gold jewellery with creative designs, companies need innovative vision, techniques and sales strategies to cater to this demographic. Ganlu Jewellery has thus developed entry-level fine jewellery lines with fashionable designs of better quality to attract a younger clientele.

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