Cerruti 1881 Signature Fragrance

Linked with style, 1881 Signature signifies the return to the character of the house of Cerruti. The new CERRUTI man is definitely urban and stylish while 1881 Signature aroma is used as a Cerruti outfit with classiness, detail and elegance. The Man Cerruti intrigues by his genuine charm and his classy style having a free spirit.

With its new Eau de Parfum, Cerruti offers us a real olfactive signature. 1881 Signature is an impressive blend of spices and pepper, mixed with the warmth and sensuality of leather heart notes. Its ending trace is boosted by the green notes of vetiver and pepper wood that offers the fragrance its noble and masculine side.

Cerutti 1881 Signature shows up in the classic square bottle of the original 1881 now displaying a chic black color concept like a black tuxedo adhering to the codes of style from the brand. 1881 Cerutti rolls out in 50ml and 100ml versions of eau de parfum formulation.

Cerruti 1881 Signature 50ml/1.7oz EDP – Eau de Parfum
Cerruti 1881 Signature 100ml/3.4oz EDP – Eau de Parfum

[Source:- perfumemaster]

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