Image result for We Can't Stop Watching This Wonder Woman TransformationWe love a good makeup transformation — especially of the cartoon character variety that are so realistic, you have to do a double take. While some of our looks include animated characters(like Dory by YouTuber Chrisspy), there’s one that recently caught our eye and we can’t look away. Enter: Nikkie Tutorials as Wonder Woman.
The newest cinematic iteration of the DC superhero premiered last weekend and it’s clear we’re all inspired by the female protagonist.
In the nearly 13-minute video, Nikki explains her inspiration. “I’m mostly inspired by the comic and to celebrate the premiere of the new Wonder Woman movie I wanted to do something to celebrate because there’s a female director and they broke records and I think us as females should be really, really proud of this,” she said. “And this is my way of celebrating by paying homage to her character in the comics.”
The beauty blogger posted the final look to Instagram — where we first got a peek of the big reveal — and we can’t help but bow down in praise because, damn, that is skill and a beautiful tribute to the badass woman we’ve all looked up to for years.
Nikkie wrapped up the transformation with her final post in which she wrote, “We ALL have a Wonder Woman inside us.” Preach.

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