Calvin Klein has always been pretty ahead of the game when it comes to gender issues. In the 1990’s they debuted a young Kate Moss with her boyish figure and the world loved it. Now, 20 years on, they are debuting the first ever ‘gender-free’ fragrance.

Calvin Klein launches first ever gender-free frangranceFollowing on from the iconic 90’s fragrance, CK One, CK2 “celebrates the idea that not every relationship needs labels.”

The brand are calling CK2 a “new gender-free scent that embodies the thrill of life and celebrates the diversity of connections between 2 people.” See the advertising campaign here:

Shot by renowned photographer Ryan McGinley, the advert features four stories that fold into one another in unexpected ways.

¬†Calvin Klein say that where their CK One fragrance captured the voice of Generation X, CK2 embodies the principles of the millennial generation, which they outline as: “Authenticity and substance, real and alluring dualities and tensions, unapologetic pursuit of passions, and strength in simplicity to make for bold statements.”
[Source:- Glamourmagazine]

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