Makeup mistakes

Celebrity makeup artist and skin specialist Nathalie Eleni certainly know what she’s talking about, as she’s worked with Chloe Moretz, Lily Cole and Lily James to name just a few.

Nathalie has detailed six of the most common cosmetics blunders women make – and given tips on how to avoid them.

1. Applying too much foundation

Makeup mistakes

Picking the right products is the best place to start, which means ditching heavy foundation for something lighter

It’s true that foundation can mask a multitude of sins, but get things wrong and you’ll end up looking worse.

Nathalie told The Sun Online: “Less is more – don’t over apply foundation, it can look cakey and enhance imperfections rather than concealing, especially if you have dry or dehydrated skin.

“Instead choose a lighter foundation that lets your natural skin glow through, and use a concealer to cover blemishes and dark circles.”

2. Picking the wrong brow shade

They might have been having a pretty long moment, but that doesn’t mean everyone gets eyebrows them right.

If you’re not one for feather brows and can’t face eyebrow carving, filling them in is a pretty safe choice. That’s as long as you get the colour right, anyway.

Nathalie explained: “Going too dark or the wrong shade or creating a ‘block’ of colour on your brows is another common mistake.

“The wrong shade brows can be really harsh on your complexion – try to go no more than one or max two shades darker on your brows.”

3. Going too heavy

The makeup artist added: “Apply your brow medium in light feather like strokes to mimic hair.

“If you are new to this then brow mascaras are a great starting point that are practically fool proof, plus brushing your brows into place alone can make them look groomed and neater straight away.

4. Too much highlighter

Any true makeup fan will know strobing is the new contouring, but that doesn’t mean you should go wild.

Nathalie explained: “Try not to apply your powder highlighter all over like you would a bronzer as it will actually have an unflattering effect.”

Makeup mistakes

The eyebrows are a whole world of problems according to Nathalie, who advises using feathery strokes to apply colour

You might think you’re going for glowy, but you run the risk of looking greasy if you’re not too careful.

She added: “Apply to the high points of your face, not all over – of you go want a subtle all over glow then add a small pump of liquid/cream highlighter to your foundation so it gives a really natural finish.”

5. The wrong shade of shimmer

Another highlighting howler – going too light.

According to Nathalie a lot of women presume white shades are the only ones which will work, but they actually suit very few people.

“Don’t go too pale, or use harsh white, on your skin tone as it can look harsh,” Nathalie said.

“For fair skins a creamy tone looks very flattering, for olive skins a peachy tone is beautiful and dark skins a gold hue is stunning.”




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