Why This $29 Sunglass Line Already Has a Cult Following (Before It's Even Launched)

When it comes to accessories, sunglasses are just about the easiest item to work into an outfit, and with summer right around the corner, we’ve been on the lookout for the best new shades to add to our collections. But doesn’t it seem as if you have to spend an arm and a leg to get a quality pair these days? So when we heard about a new brand of sunnies retailing for $29 per pair, we were instantly intrigued. Launching June 2, Privé Goods is shaking things up in the luxury eyewear industry, as they believe that quality sunglasses should not only be stylish but affordable, too. That’s definitely something we can get behind.

Celebrities have already caught wind of Privé (Jennifer Lopez was spotted in a pair!), and the label booked an all-star lineup as their brand visionaries and partners, including Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld, Jeremy Piven, and Ashley Benson. InStyle was given exclusive access behind the scenes at Benson’s campaign photo shoot where we got to see her work it in front of the camera and chatted about her involvement with the company.

“I’m obsessed with sunglasses,” Benson said when we asked why she wanted to work with Privé. “It’s awesome because they’re $29 and they look like every designer sunglasses that you could imagine and they actually are of the same quality.”

Carlos Eric Lopez

The Pretty Little Liars star also keeps her fans in mind when choosing which brands she wants to promote—she has 16.6 million followers on Instagram alone. “I think it’s really cool because my fans are younger; my fans range from early teens to mid-twenties, and I think it’s perfect because they can feel great and look great with these sunglasses for such a cheap price. And I think that’s the best thing.”

As you can see from these behind-the-scenes shots, Benson is big on one trend in particular. “I’m really into mirrored sunglasses right now,” she revealed. “I have three pairs of mirrored sunglasses in my collection. They’re just super fun and I think they’re very forward in fashion and kind of futuristic and fun.”

At such an attainable price and with over 100 frames to choose from, what’s not to love about this brand? “If I don’t have to spend $500 on a pair of glasses and I could spend $29 and get the same look and the same quality, why wouldn’t I do that, you know?”

Get a pair for yourself at privegoods.com or Amazon—they are available for preorder on Thursday, May 25.

[Source:- instyle]

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