Apple is holding another one of its ‘Lose your wallet’ Apple Pay shopping events this month. According to the company’s website, shoppers in a handful of New York City areas will be able to lock in exclusive discounts when they shop using Apple Pay…

Apple says shoppers in Greenwich Village, Nolita, Park Slope, and Williamsburg will be able to score the exclusive deals.

Use Apple Pay to get exclusive offers for a limited time in Greenwich Village, Nolita, Park Slope, and Williamsburg. Apple Pay is easy and secure.

For Greenwich Village shoppers, the offers are available from June 15th through June 17th. Deals include 40 percent off at Arianna, 20 percent off at David’s Tea, a free bag at Brompton, 20 percent off eyewear at See, and much more.

Meanwhile in Nolita, shoppers can lock in deals from June 15th through June 17th. Available offers include 20 percent off at bag-all, a free cookie at Milk, 20 percent off at Ministry of Supply, and more.

Park Slope shoppers can get in on the action a week later, from June 22nd through June 24th. Deals include 20 percent off at City Subs, 20 percent off at DNA, 50 percent off at Cut Above on 7th, 20 percent off at JackRabbit, and much more.

Last but not least is Williamsburg, where deals will be available from June 22nd through June 24th. You’ll be able to score a free coffee at Bagelsmith, 20 percent off at Brooklyn Spectacles, 20 percent off at Lululemon, and more.

This isn’t the first time Apple has held a ‘Lose your wallet’ shopping event. Earlier this year, shoppers in Los Angeles were able to score exclusive discounts for a three-week long period. Last year, a similar event was held in San Francisco.

Shoppers in New York City can see all available offers – and there are a lot of them – on Apple’s website right here.


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