Image result for Amazon Launches Private Accessories Label The FixA shoe style by The Fix.

CHEAP FIX: Amazon has unveiled a new venture to bring affordable, fashion accessories to its masses.

The Fix is the online giant’s new private label of shoes and handbags based on designer-level trends, with handbags beginning at $49 and shoes starting at $69.

The range became available for purchase Tuesday, and was celebrated that evening with a cocktail event at the Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan.

Amazon Fashion’s director Kate Dimmock spoke to the new line’s purpose: “Our customer is really looking for a great hit of style — something that’s on-trend. They have an accessible price point and are well made. That was really a challenge. We are all about a breadth of selection, it’s really a key part of Amazon’s identity, and another key aspect for us with new styles releasing monthly.”

Dimmock’s staff of market editors explore the fashion industry to hunt for trends. They have targeted satin for daytime, platforms and fashion sneakers.

Dimmock abstractly referenced the Amazon “customer” with considerable repetition. But when pressed for demographics about the site’s target fashion audience, she demurred: “It’s not about how old she is, her income, where she is. She’s everyone, she’s everywhere — so it’s really about finding someone who has the desire to have this great joyful trend experience.”


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