Italian luxury fragrance house, Acqua di Parma have added two new fragrances to its Colonia range: Ebano, inspired by Ebony, and Mirra, which is based on a myrrh note.

Ebano features notes of bergamot and petitgrain in the head, pink pepper and ebony in the heart; and a base of honey, vetiver and patchouli.

The company say:

Metropolitan rhythms, speed, lights and sounds. But wandering among the narrow streets of the old quarter, everything becomes more calm and collected. Travelling to Milan one happens to encounter secluded and quiet spaces. Laboratories where for centuries the art of cabinetmaking has been cultivated at its highest levels. You first notice it in the scent of beeswax with which the cabinetmaker caresses the wood until it gleams. In the subtle and penetrating aromas of ebony and other precious woods that are skilfully inlaid with each other. Sensory atmospheres that tell the stories of masterpieces of Italian art and craftsmanship. Travel notes enclosed in Colonia Ebano.

Mirra contains notes of mandarin, lemon, petitgrain, nutmeg, myrrh and patchouli

The company say:

Muscat. At the hour of sunset, the streets and windows are dotted with small coloured lanterns where incense and myrrh unleash their vibrant aromas. From the capital of ancient Oman, since the third century before Christ, long caravans carried, through steep mountains, lowlands and endless deserts, their cargo of spices, fragrances and rare essences. A slow and tireless crossing, until the kingdom of Saba, to Jordan and the mythical road of the Wise Men. To then reach the Mediterranean until arriving in Rome, where the highly prized Oriental resins were in great demand, burnt during religious ceremonies. A long journey on the Via Sacra of perfumes. An adventure on the trails of the Orient from which Colonia Mirra was born.

[Source:- Basenotes]

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