There are plenty of perfume hacks designed to help your fragrance last longer, ranging from where you spritz it to how you layer it to where you store the bottle. But this is the most brilliant and easiest perfume hack of them all. Pinrose Perfume’s Petal Packs feature single-serve perfume wipes that you can use to refresh your fragrance on Read More →

Find your new summer scent (Photo: Rex) Sun, sea, sand and… scents. We love choosing a new perfume each summer because we know that when the nights draw in, one spritz will instantly transport us back to the beach (and no need to pay easyJet’s baggage charges either). The best summer scents are often inspired Read More →

  “Though some glittery and metallic nail paints claim to give you the same look, the glittering mirror effect can never be achieved by any other means other than gel paint. After the manicure, you should literally be able to see your reflection on your smooth and shiny nails,” said beauty expert Manjul Gupta. However, Read More →

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