Image result for Stained glass make-up is sweeping Instagram… so would YOU be bold enough to try it?

YouTuber James Charles is one of the key influencers to spark the craze.

Last week, he shared a snap of a bold make-up look, which was applied to resemble multi-toned shards of glass.

He placed holographic strips onto his lips to make them shine, before creating a similar effect for his liner and cut crease.

Many praised the make-up artist for his breath-taking work.

One Instagram user said: “Woahhhhh this is amazing.”

Another agreed: “Whoa! The church is quaking right now.”

Many have painstakingly added different coloured products to their eyes to create a similar effect.

While some opt to use shiny make-up to create the illusion of glass, others go for a matte finish.


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