Bought an expensive perfume? Make sure you don’t leave it in your bathroom!

If you have noticed your perfume no longer smells the way it used to on your skin, you could be storing it in the wrong place.

You should never leave your perfume sat in a warm, damp room, as the humidity in the air will break down the scent and reduce its quality. As soon as the liquid touches your skin you’ll notice a difference and let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than an amazing smell go off!

Keep your perfume bottles in spots and out of the light – perhaps in a drawer in your room a desk/surface away from your window. If your bathroom doesn’t steam up every time you shower or bath, why not pop them in your bathroom cabinet.

Some people even stick them in the fridge to keep them cool and the notes intact.

Heat and light can greatly alter the scent of your fragrances, so it’s best to keep them in cool, dark environments!

[Source:- tv3]

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