Women’s Latest Shopping Destination: - Online Web Portals How online fashion and shopping sites have changed our perception

When the Internet came into its existence, it was used for information searching as its primary objective. Google was a more specific word which got renowned instead of The Internet on its own. People used to commonly say, “Try Google”. With the advent of time and technology amelioration, the Internet was being used for communication mediums too through social networking websites and video conferencing, which was quite useful for business and corporate personalities while a fun task for teenagers. But who knew that one day it would take over the physical markets and would establish a place among Shopaholics. The virtual market is the word given to it, where there is no interface of the buyer and seller, but still deals take place, goods and money are interchanged and no one ever comes to know who shopped and who sold the item.

How Online Shopping Started

An English entrepreneur, Michael Aldrich invented Online Shopping in 1979 using videotex technology. Later in 1990, after the introduction of first world wide web server and browser, the popularity gained. IN 1994, subsequent technological innovations became apparent clarifying the online banking systems, pizza delivery services by Pizza hut, Netscape for secure data transfer and Inter Shop’s first online shopping system.

1995 was the year when much more consumer friendly websites came up with the names like Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba that launched their own for more development in the online retail industry. Since then, there is no turning back for the online retail industry in its growth, advancement and popularity. These are getting renowned day by day and has led to various other shopping portals selling a huge range of consumables and durables.

[Source:- Chicagotribune]

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