Jewellery companies and associations have joined hands to form the Western Jewelry Industry Alliance, aimed at establishing Western China as a jewellery manufacturing hub.

The group covers regions in Western China including the municipality of Chongqing and the provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Guizhou and Hubei.

Chongqing’s jewellery market is largely untapped and underdeveloped compared to that of neighbouring Chengdu. The Chongqing government has thus been actively promoting the development of the city’s jewellery sector to expand its customer base and encourage manufacturers from Eastern China to establish production facilities in the city.

Given its abundant labour resources, low land prices, active government support and geographical proximity to the Silk Road Economic Belt, Chongqing is being positioned as an ideal option for manufacturers seeking to relocate their factories.

Several Hong Kong jewellery companies also entered into agreements to establish a presence at the Jiangbei Gangcheng Shuguang International Jewellery Free Trade Hub opening in Chongqing later this year. Catering to both consumers and trade buyers, this will be a fashion and jewellery mall integrating retail, exhibition space, lab services, auctions, wedding planners, and cultural and creative services. The mall is a joint project of enterprises in Chongqing as well as chambers of commerce, associations and leading companies from Hong Kong and a number of provinces.

[Source:- JNA]

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