Sania Mirza, one of the leading lights in Indian tennis, is also a style icon. She was on maternity break for over two years but the tennis sensation is looking to make a comeback in the New Year.

Sania Mirza, over the past several years, has captured the imagination of the nation for her tennis prowess but she has also grabbed attention with her chique style. Not surprisingly then, Sania has inspired several young Indians with her style and fashion.

However, Sania Mirza said she does not understand fashion much and her focus has been solely on tennis. She credited her team for taking care of her style quotient.

“A lot of them just happened by default. I wasn’t like trying to do a lot of things. I was trying to be a tennis player and everything just went along with it,” Sania Mirza said in the latest episode of Inspirations on India Today.

“I think fashion is something that I don’t understand at all but I like it. I’m very lucky to have a good team around me where I’m just like okay I have to go for a show called Inspirations so they’ll be like okay here take this jacket and i’ll be like great! (laughs) so that’s how it works.

“So you know luckily I have good people around me. But fashion is something that I’ve always had fun with,” she said.

Sania Mirza’s nose ring has become synonimous with her style but she was surprised with the attention it garnered initially in her career.

“That nose-ring thing I always found it a bit silly because my mom wears a nose-ring too. Like for us it was normal to have our nose pierced. In our culture it is something that most girls do.

“So I didn’t even think that it was going to become sth. But I realised how big this ‘nose-ring’ (issue) was. Actually I had gone for a cricket tournament closing ceremony and it was for kids with special needs – you know kids who couldn’t hear or speak.

“So when i was giving my speech there was an insterpreter/translator who kept doing this (hand gesture from video).

“When she came and sat next to me, I asked her what does this () mean because she was doing this all the time. And she says in sign language this () means Sania Mirza! So that’s when I realized what kind of impact it might have made for it to become a sign in sign language. (laughs)

“She told me that’s the only way they would be able to connect with it and I was extremely humbled,” Sania Mirza said.


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