Image result for Virushka Shopping Hard During A 50% Off Sale Has Twitter Cracking Some Hilarious & Obvious Jokes

Anushka and Virat might have ended up giving us all sorts of couple goals, wedding goals and how to keep your life private goals, but that does not mean they are not regular people at the end of the day, who get excited at the idea of a good old sale.

The Picture of Virusha Shopping In Cape Town Amid A Sale Has Twitter In Splits© Twitter

So, we all know that the couple is currently in Cape Town as the Indian cricket team is there and Anushka is travelling with Virat. So the couple, like any other normal pair, was spotted chilling and shopping in their free time. An innocent picture from their shopping spree surfaced on the internet and of course Twitter’s mischief mongers could not resist but crack a few jokes.

People LOVE how they are shopping at a 50% off sale. Probably the only time they were relatable to the common man.

Some even loved Kohli for being a very relatable husband.

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