Here are the top five make-up trends which roared out loud this year. (Photo: Instagram/ Designed by Gargi Singh)

With Instagram, we occasionally experience a trend and sensory overload, thanks to the sheer number of products and beauty looks flooding our feeds. But some make-up trends have stood out not only for us but for everyone this year. And if you are a beauty aficionado, you probably know most of them.

Either way, we have it all waiting for you just up ahead. Keep scrolling!

Glow from within

This make-up trend will certainly never go out of style, as nobody can ever get bored with a complexion oozing wellness and radiance. So, are you looking for ways to embrace your natural glow? Try ditching full-coverage foundations and opt for more sheer coverage — this will lend a fresh look to your face. Invest in make-up products that double up as skincare, like a tinted moisturiser. At the end of the day, achieving the radiant glow is all about having a skin-first, makeup-second mindset.

Ojas Rajani, celebrity makeup artist and a hairstylist, tells the, “This year, the focus was heavily on all things natural. It was all about creating a luminous skin tone.”

Expert tip: “Use a dewy finish skin foundation with a luminous liquid highlighter to achieve the glow from within,” she says.

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Shimmery lids

The shimmery or glitter trend is a slight departure from the ’80s disco trend — more like a haphazard, yet messy-but-cool look. The trend is futuristic and holographic — so use glitter for that extra shine. Try this on clean skin, add a few faux freckles across the bridge of the nose and dab glitter on the centre of the eyes. You are all set.

Coloured eye shadow

From the red carpet to fashion week runways, coloured eye make-up was everywhere — perhaps was even one of the biggest make-up trends in the second half of 2019. This year’s trends have been way offbeat and fanciful, as well — and we are personally all up for it. Long gone are the days when it was customary to wear a matte liquid lipstick and smoky eye on a regular weekday, and then finally 2019 became all about wearing clear lip gloss and single bright eye colour. Thus, this year we ditched our favourite neutral pallet and chose to paint the town with not just red!

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Coloured graphic eyeliner

Make-up lovers have hit a refresh button on the classic winged eyeliner. Fast forward to 2019, we have graphic eyeliner. Eye makeup can be hard (read: tricky). Luckily, for anyone who considers themselves sub-par or even terrible at it, we are currently in a glorious era where we no more have to calculate eye-shadow palette combinations and practice blending techniques — just smudge red eye shadow (or lip liner, if you don’t have one) all over your eyes and call it a day. Better yet, expend even less effort with the graphic eyeliner trend that is all set to take 2020 by storm.


Think neutral glam — like a warm brown on the lips, a similar shade on the cheeks, and a fairer shade on the eyes. This is a make-up trend that stood out in 2019. It’s a brilliantly simple approach to makeup — the technique involves using similar shades on the face in different ways. When creating a monochromatic make-up look, your mantra should be ‘same, but different’. In the end, it is about making sure that your eyes, cheeks, and lips all complement each other in a beautiful way. It’s fresh, young, and screams spring — we hope it makes it to the season in 2020.

Which trend is your favourite at the moment?


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