The first training centre for “highly-skilled jewellery professionals” started operating recently in Nansha District, Guangzhou, China.

The training centre, located in Guangzhou Nanhua Technical School for Industry and Trade, will work closely with other institutions from France, the US and Hong Kong to provide internationally recognised training programmes, according to a report by

The centre is now collaborating with Hong Kong’s Vocational Training Council for the development of a number of jewellery design programmes, the report said.
“Skilled workers in the jewellery industry are in very great demand in Guangzhou, which is the jewellery manufacturing hub of mainland China. Designers and managers in the field are also much sought after. Many of them are already hired by big companies even before their graduation,” Xiong Ying, vice chairman of Guangdong Golden Jewelry and Jade Industry’s Association, was quoted as saying.
The budget will be US$3.4 million for the first phase of development of the centre, he added.
[Source:- JNA]

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