Golfing is something that people of all ages can do. You might want to book a trip to a local course when your family comes to town for a reunion, as you plan a bachelor party or a friend before his wedding day or to network with new clients and make them want to work with you. As golf courses are so different, you’ll find that some have different requirements and regulations. That’s why you’ll want to check a few things before booking a tee time.

Dress Code

Always call ahead of time to ask if there is a dress code and what it entails. This helps you avoid embarrassing incidents where you show up in the wrong clothing. Some upscale courses will turn you away at the door for wearing the wrong clothing or demand that you buy new clothing from its pro shop. The dress code may ban guests from wearing shorts or tee shirts and demands that visitors wear long pants and shirts with a collar and/or buttons. You may find that the course bans guests from wearing sandals or other types of clothing too.

Schedule Changes

Contact the course to find out what will happen if you need to make a sudden change to your tee time. Emergencies can happen at anytime like a car that won’t start in the morning or a call from your child’s school that he or she became ill and needs to see a doctor. Some courses require that you give 24 hour notice before canceling a tee time, and certain courses will charge you for any cancellations. Many courses today like the Hiddenbrooke golf course now have an online reservation system. You can go online to make changes to your tee time.

Age Limits

Though visiting a course with an age restriction won’t matter when you play with friends or clients, it does matter when you want to play with your kids or younger family members. Some upscale courses only allow golfers 18 or older to play, and others will only let one child play when accompanied by an adult or guardian. Even if the course allows all ages to play, it may ban those without a driver’s license from driving a golf cart or ban those of a certain age from using all its facilities. Checking for these things in advance will help you find the right course for your group.

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