In India it is known that the women are incomplete without jewellery & are crazy about it. We find the variety in Indian jewellery and one of which is temple jewellery.

Temple jewellery is well-known in southern states of India & initially used to adorn idol of God & Goddess in temple. Traditional temple jewellery is made from gold encrusted with rubies (pucchakallu), emerald, pearls, diamonds & many other precious gem stones. It is quite expensive.

Imitation Temple Jewellery

Traditional temple jewellery is very costly & thus imitation temple jewellery came into existence. Now it is possible for every woman to feel royal by wearing imitation temple jewellery.

Artificial temple jewellery consists of necklace, earrings, hair accessories & pieces of jewellery adorning from feet to forehead in various design.


Often temple jewellery features intricate carving of Goddess Laxmi & Lord Ganesha. The coin jewellery is one of type of temple jewellery which we can notice south Indian women wearing on festive occasion. Imitation temple jewellery is generally fashioned from silver & other metal as well decorated with beads for added attraction.


Usually temple jewellery look pretty when team with traditional sarees. The temple jewellery itself is very heavy in nature & rich in look so it is best to go with simple dressing for that gorgeous look.


We live in the generation where every girl wants to look glamorous & stunning like bollywood divas. We try to follow their dressing styles, hair styles & of course their jewellery style. We have seen the gorgeous & most talented actress ‘Deepika Padukone’ in film ‘Ram Leela’ wearing the beautiful temple jewellery. Even in many T.V serial there is a craze for temple jewellery.

Care of Imitation Temple Jewellery

If your temple jewellery is not crafted from gold & silver then it is must to take care of artificial temple jewellery because it is made from metal along with golden polish.

Always avoid keeping your imitation jewellery in velvet box & also prevent it from perfumes & other chemicals for long lasting durability.

It is better way to clean your jewellery with little wet cotton cloth & brush it with soft toothbrush & dry it properly. This will make your jewellery new & shiny.


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