When we’re looking to master a beauty trend, one makeup brand’s expertise (and its army of professionals!) comes to mind: MAC Cosmetics. The team taught us how the “kitten paws” technique makes strobing look flawless, tricks for contouring every skin tone and face shape, and what to avoid when doing our own makeup for headshots. Now that bold brows are here to stay, MAC is advising us on how to get amazing arches with its upcoming collection, Brows Are It! (available March 3).

The brand tapped Damone Roberts, brow expert and beauty therapist (and former MAC artist!), as a consultant on developing this line. “I worked for MAC 20 years ago and I learned so much,” gushed Roberts. “Then I went out to really explore the brow business because I saw how important it was. There are so many brow products out there, but they aren’t the right products — they’re just products that say ‘eyebrows’ on them.”

The arch guru was adamant in his mission to achieve a range of formulas and hues that would work for everyone. “Your skin can be the palest pale to the darkest dark, and we’ll have a shade for you,” Roberts said. He worked with MAC to create eight new products, including brushes, powder duos, and three types of pencils, in an incredible variety of colors.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by your options when it comes to makeup in this category, and it’s especially difficult to determine your perfect arch hue. Roberts recommends that you look at your roots. “Even if you’re blond, your base is deeper. You want to match to the deeper base to your brow color,” he suggested.

However, if you are ultrafair or your hair is black, skip matching your mane. “If your hair is really light, you want to go one to two shades darker, and if your hair is dark, you want to go one to two shades lighter,” he counseled. This way, you’ll get natural, believable-looking brows.

Still not sure whether you should be selecting a gel, powder, or a pencil? It’s all about getting the shape you want. Roberts exclusively schooled us on the five hottest arch shapes for 2016 and how to achieve them with products from the MAC Cosmetics Brows Are It! collection. Trust us — the tips are supereasy to follow, even if you don’t have the steadiest hands. Read on!


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