PORTLAND, Ore. — Preps are underway for Portland’s fashion week happening this October. The highlight of the runway this year may not be what the models are wearing on their bodies, but what they are wearing on their feet. You may have heard about 3D printed shoes before. Some companies are already making them. They Read More →

Photo by: Tristan Tamayo/Inquirer.net Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo may be under contract with sporting giant Nike and is set to earn around $100 million for the next four years, but he still maintains his frugal ways. “Last year I used five or six pairs of sneakers, so if we played around 100 games, around 20 Read More →

When you’re packing light, you can’t afford to bring along a shoe type for every adventure, so you need to choose versatile shoes that can go from trail to tavern, or mountain to museum, or just look good and stay comfortable while you’re walking around. These models, available in women’s and men’s sizes, are good Read More →

Forget about Nike’s HyperAdapt self lacing shoes. A designer in Moscow is working on “self-wearing” shoes. Inspired by how chemical reactions in a Venus Flytrap enable it to close down its jaws on any unsuspecting prey (remember, plants don’t have muscles or a nervous system), the Biomech Sneaker concepts borrow not just the idea of Read More →

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