WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) — We’re right in the thick of summertime, and that means making sure you’re taking care of your skin by staying on trend, and keeping it healthy.

The first step to any make-up routine is to prep with some moisturizer and primer.

“You want your skin feeling and looking fresh and healthy before you put anything else on it,” explained Estee Lauder Counter Manager at Younkers Michele Norrbom.

After that, it’s time to get to work on that face. “The look for the season is a natural glow,” Norrbom said. You don’t want to sparkle, but you want to make sure that everything looks effortless and radiant.

An oil free concealer and a light powder will make a nice combo for the season, and will help to stop sweat from tearing off the face you worked so hard to put on.

“The colors to follow are definitely anything that will pop,” explained Norrbom. “Browns and blacks aren’t as in right now as much as teals and pinks.”

Norrbom explained that it’s completely fine to experiment and try new things each day, because it’s such a fun season to do so.

To accent the face, make sure to stay away from hardcore contouring nowadays. “A simple bronzer, blush and highlight will do the trick. We want everything to feel light in the summertime, not heavy on your face.”

Now for the men, there are skin care tips to follow during this time of year as well.

Norrbom suggested moisturizing and staying safe with a sunscreen and lotion, as well as making sure those under eye circles are taken care of.

“Men can double dip into women’s products sometimes too. Nobody wants their man to look tired and older all the time,” Norrbom said.

The final touch for women? A gloss that accents your natural lip color, and for men? A cologne that will leave you smelling clean and looking handsome.




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