Scarselli Diamonds is shining the limelight on exceptional fancy coloured diamonds at its booths at the Fine Gem Pavilion at the AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) and the Fine Design Pavilion at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).
The company is presenting a 7-carat Type IIA fancy intense purple-pink diamond in VVS2 clarity grade, which appears like an 11-carat diamond. Also grabbing attention at Scarselli Diamonds’ HKCEC booth is a 3-carat greenish-blue diamond in VS clarity grade mounted in an intense pink pavé diamond ring, which company managing partner Bruno Scarselli describes as “a delightful colour experience.” At the AWE, the diamantaire’s showpieces include a 1.52-carat oval fancy deep blue diamond in VVS2 clarity grade, as well as a 39-carat cushion-cut fancy intense yellow internally flawless diamond that gives the feeling of a 45-carat stone, said Scarselli. The company is also aiming to impress professional buyers with a stunning 50-carat round brilliant fancy intense yellow diamond. “It is extremely rare to find round coloured diamonds above 10 carats. To find one that is 50 carats is nothing short of amazing,” Scarselli said.

According to the company official, Scarselli Diamonds had been fielding requests for 20- to 30-carat vivid yellows, 2- to 5-carat intense pinks as well as vivid blue and intense blue diamonds of 3 carats to below-10 carats on the first two days of the show at AWE.

“At the fair, demand has been strong for either large diamonds or small, quality coloured diamonds,” Scarselli commented. “In general, the marketplace has been looking for either very special diamonds with the ultimate strong saturation of colour or diamonds of 15 to 30 carats. People have been seeking bigger sizes because of the mentality that bigger stones are of greater value,” he continued.

China remains a significant market for coloured diamonds, with buyers from the mainland still on the lookout for special pieces, Scarselli said, adding that Russia is also making a comeback. Within the yellow category, requests have been mainly for 5-carat to 15-carat intense yellow stones. Pink, blue, green and orange diamonds are also much sought after, according to the company official.

“I remain quite bullish on the prospects for coloured diamonds in the marketplace. With money appearing to be worth less and less nowadays, it is important to keep wealth in tangible assets. Diamonds should be welcomed by wealth management companies as the next asset,” he remarked.

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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