Spanish fine jeweller Carrera y Carrera recently launched its Retiro Collection, inspired by the Buen Retiro Park in Madrid and its garden, according to areport.

The jewellery pieces tell the story of a gardener who fell in love with the youngest daughter of a duke, reported. To win her favour, he created a garden with the intent that it would flower every season, thanks to its variety of plants, to show that his love is cyclical and eternal. The duke, however, disapproved, and the gardener was fired and banished from the garden.

The new collection features fine jewellery designs for the four seasons: Flower-inspired jewellery and pastel colours for spring; exotic, tropical hues for summer; reds, ochres and purples for autumn; and white gold and diamonds, inspired by frost and angular icebergs for winter, the report said.

Margarita earrings dedicated to the spring season by Carrera y Carrera
Photo credit: Carrera y Carrera


[Source:- JNA]

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