British designer Sia Taylor evokes the lyrical beauty of nature through her fine jewellery. While a sculpture student at London’s Royal College of Art, Sia spent her last term at a research camp in the bush in Botswana. It was a creatively inspirational time, where Sia became deeply interested in the subtle lives and forms of nature around her.

Her fine jewellery collections, years after years are a continuation process, which takes forms inspired by seeds, grasses, clusters of insect eggs, and the internal structures of plants. Taylor’s emphasises minimalist refinement and restraint to evoke a sense of lyricism and rhythm through the delicate details of her work. Yellow and white 18-karat gold are used to create small seed like forms, which are hooked into lengths of fine box link chain. The seed forms appear both in clusters as with a pair of yellow gold earrings – in uniform procession along the front of a necklace, or in rhythmic variables that draw from natural compositions.

She makes every piece by hand in her studio. It is a meditation and a labour of love, which shows through in the final product. Each piece becomes like a work of art something precious to hold on to and cherish.

[Source:- jewellerymonthly]

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