There are common misconceptions and errors when it comes to wearing fragrance.

We’re not talking about grown men spraying themselves with Lynx, or the blokes down the pub smelling like an airport Boots. There are some more scientific misunderstandings too.

Probably the most important is that fragrance shouldn’t be stored in the bathroom. Perfume expert Dr Marlen Harrison explains that “heat and moisture can cause scent oils to break down”. It spoils the smell, and can alter the product entirely.

So if you’re spending your hard-earned cash on perfume and aftershave, your bedroom is a better place to store it.

The real difference between Cologne and perfume

Brenda stores her perfume in her boudoir

One other important thing to note when it comes to the world of flowery scents is that ‘Cologne’ and ‘perfume’ aren’t gendered.

While most differentiate the male and female products as ‘aftershave’ for men and ‘perfume’ for women (which is reasonable), perfume is actually a measure of strength. It’s all down to how much oil is used in a fragrance.

Simply put, eau de Cologne is generally the weakest, with around 3 per cent concentration of fragrance oil. Eau de toilette has around 10 per cent, while eau de parfum has between 15 and 20 per cent. Straight perfume has around 25 per cent concentration.

Obviously, the higher the figure, the more expensive the product. That said, parfum will last you much longer, as you only need a dab or two to give you smell. It lasts longer on the skin, too.




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