Over three decades ago, CavinKare revolutionised the personal care industry by launching 10 ml sachet shampoos under the ‘Chik’ brand, targeting at ‘bottom-of-the-pyramid’ consumers.

Penetration of shampoo rose from less than 10 per cent then to over 90 per cent now. Today, 89 per cent of all shampoo sold in India (in volume terms) is in sachets.

The 1,600-crore city-based company is now trying to emulate its earlier success in the perfume segment. It is introducing 2 ml sachet perfumes — the first in the country — meant for one-time use and priced at 3.

At present, pocket-friendly body sprays and perfumes are available in small containers (17 ml) costing 50-70.

CavinKare has gone a step further by launching the sachet perfume under its Spinz brand, keeping in mind the huge demand from rural markets.

Rural masses

The objective of the new product, like in the case of sachet shampoo, is to make perfumes (for both men and women) affordable to the masses, said Venkatesh Vijayaraghavan, Director and Chief Executive Officer – Personal Care & Alliances, CavinKare.

The overall size of the deo and perfume market is pegged at 4,000 crore with a penetration level of just 10 per cent.

“We believe the sachet perfume will be a similar kind of success (as shampoos) as years go by and consumers will start using perfumes more and more across geographies,” he said.

Will it see the same level of success? “To reach the same level of success as shampoos may take time,” he added.

Sachet perfumes may get people to use multiple variants. “Given its affordable cost we do believe consumers will buy multiple variants and use them alternatively rather than just using only one big bottle,” Vijayaraghavan told BusinessLine.

Spinz perfume sachets are currently available in West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh and soon come to other markets in the North before coming to the South, he said.

The perfumes are packaged in metallic hues of blue and purple and available in two fragrances — Purple Blast and Blue Magic — that also contain deo actives.


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