They escaped with expensive perfumes‚ a Clicks service adviser told TMG Digital.

“Four guys and one lady arrived just before 2pm carrying guns. They made away with two bags. Their getaway car with no number plates was parked downstairs. The car looked new‚” said an eyewitness who works at the recently revamped mall. The witness said it all happened fast and silently.

Another witness described the robbers: “One guy was wearing a red golf T-shirt and another a blue one. The girl was wearing a pink jacket. They drew the guns inside the store and came out holding them.”

The witness said the robbery was swiftly executed‚ not even lasting five minutes.

A witness from one of the shops near the Clicks store said: “I was on Facebook and when I looked up‚ they were already running. I was so shocked when I saw those guys. If they were shooting I was going to run for my life”.

“It was scary and it’s better that it happened at a time when the mall was not busy.

“When the security went chasing after them‚ I went down too and I saw a white Audi with no registration. They drove very fast exiting the mall.

“It happened so fast – as if they had planned it long before‚” the witness said.

Police are on the scene‚ sweeping the area and questioning the Clicks personnel. The store is currently closed to customers.

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