Preciosa International (HK) Ltd is casting the spotlight on the new colours of its cubic zirconia and Nanogems.

Three new colours are available for Preciosa’s cubic zirconia. The calmness of its steely blue Aquamarine speaks volumes without saying a word, while the Dark Blue Topaz is conservative yet distinguished, adding a touch of sophistication to any design. Green, meanwhile, brings to mind a patch of freshly cut grass or a soft blanket of velvety moss.

Preciosa’s Nanogems, suitable for lost-wax casting, now also comes in nine more colours – Topaz London Blue, Topaz Royal Blue, Topaz Sky Blue, Tanzanite Blue, Tourmaline Blue Green, Morganite, Amethyst, Garnet and Ruby.

As Preciosa Cubic Zirconia & Gems are cut exclusively from synthetic crystals of the highest quality controlled by modern spectral methods, the company can guarantee the maximum optical purity of the final product, the crystal expert noted. Preciosa said, “Using extremely precise cutting and polishing machines, we are able to cut round stones in sizes ranging from 0.5mm to 20mm. Our offer includes a wide and an impressive range of colours, shapes and cuts.” Also in the spotlight at Preciosa’s booth in Hall 3 of the AsiaWorld-Expo is its Heart Briolette Cut. According to the Czech crystal specialist, this is an evergreen favourite due to the popularity of heart-shaped stones in fine jewellery collections. “Our Heart Briolette is unique due to the shape of its cut. Moreover, its original look is enhanced by the high brilliance, precision cut and incredible lustre that are synonymous with Preciosa machine-cut stones,” said the company.

With the addition of new colours of cubic zirconia and Nanogems, Preciosa’s colour portfolio offers modern design options capable of infinite interpretations, the company said. The September Hong Kong Fair is the best platform for the Preciosa Cubic Zirconia & Gems division to meet existing and new buyers from around the world, the company noted. “We are happy to deliver our products to different industries from fine jewellery makers to watch manufacturers and to different kinds of customers ranging from the largest manufacturing firms to small craftsmen,” it said.

According to Preciosa, it focuses on quality, price and service to maintain its competitive advantage in current challenging market conditions. “It is very important to talk with customers to understand what they expect and need, and present to them our standard assortments together with new innovations and concepts,” the company said.

[Source:- jewellerynewsasia]

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