Does putting your makeup brushes in the washing machine work?

It’s one of the most arduous tasks of being a makeup wearer – washing the brushes.

That’s probably why 61% of women who use makeup brushes clean them less than once a month –

It’s so annoying that some people have just got tired of the fuss, and started putting their makeup brushes in the washing machine to get them clean.

But does it actually work, or will it make your Mac or Morphe babies look like sweeping brushes?

According to Twitter, it’s a miracle fix.

In some super scientific research, I spoke to a friend who tried this lazy yet brilliant technique. The verdict was mostly good, with spotless Kabukis and blending brushes.

However, one looser powder brush was caught in the crossfire and had all of its bristles ripped out in the wash.

It seems the best game plan if you want to try this is to put them in a laundry bag or tied-up pillowcase, add some mild detergent, and use a cold, quick washing cycle.


It would certainly save a lot of time spent hovering over the sink, but we urge you to try at your own risk.

It’s probably worth trying it with one of your cheaper or smaller utensils first… Just in case.

Alternatively, you can purchase this natty little device that’s more costly, but will give you less stress about possible side effects.

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